Apparently the Techcrunch controversy involving Michael Arrington won’t be limited to AOL and Arianna Huffington, now the tech blog founder has publicly admonished the new Editor of the site Erick Schonfeld. New York-based Schonfeld, who was originally hired by Arrington in 2007, was met by approval by many in the Silicon Valley community when he was appointed as lead Editor by AOL earlier this week.

In the lead up the today’s final judging of the Techcrunch startup company competition, Schonfeld revealed the finalists, but added an important statement. Schonfeld said:

“In the spirit of disclosure, two of the companies, Bitcasa and Prism Skylabs, are CrunchFund investments, but we didn’t hold that against them. Along with the other finalists, the judges scored them the highest. The CrunchFund is Michael Arrington’s new venture fund. He was not involved in the final selection of these companies.”

This didn’t sit well with Arrington who took to the comments section of the Techcrunch blog post and made the following statement:

“Erick, I’m still an AOL employee through tomorrow (15th). Also, as you know I had significant input into this list of finalists and spoke to Heather [Techcrunch CEO] for over an hour last night about them. My final list is somewhat different from this one, though, but we agree on four of the companies.

Please be careful making statements on my behalf. And remember that reader trust is what matters. You shouldn’t say ‘he was not involved in the final selection of these companies’ just because it sounds nice. Since it isn’t true, you shouldn’t say it at all.

Also, going forward, I don’t know if I’ll be disclosing our investments to TechCrunch.”

Wow. So in one short statement Arrington essentially indicates that Schonfeld wasn’t being completely honest about how the companies were selected—exactly what many recent critics where afraid of. Further, the public rebuke from Arrington indicates that the bad blood with Huffington during his exit may also be spilling over to his former employee. Finally, by saying that he may not disclose CrunchFund investments to Techcrunch in the future, we’re given a hint at what the relationship between Arrington and Techcrunch might be in the future (contentious?). Suddenly, the rumor that Arrington might be setting up a new tech startup blog sounds a lot more realistic.

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September 14th, 2011




  • David Amodt

    Arrington fighting back. like that. Go Mike

  • Bob

    Ha this is funny.  Arrington trying desperately to sound important and involved.  Desperation.  Additionally, his comment about him not sharing crunchfund investements is EXACTLY what everyone wanted to begin with … seperation of interests.  So effectively he is saying Huffington was right!

    Its sad to see him going down in flames like this.  Tip Mike: go gracefully and just go build cruchfund into an awesome thing.

  • David A Fenton

    It does not get any better in techland :)


    Huffington and Arrington are both useless blowhards….to hell with both of ‘em.

  • Jacek Grebski

    How can I make a violin gesture in a comment feed? Such technological limitations

  • Anonymous

    It’s sad watching Mike try to edit Techcrunch from the comments.

  • Stephen Allen

    So the soap er … I mean controversy continues. It seems to follow Mr. Arrington around. Hey if it works for ya!

  • paramendra

    @Arrington is misbehaving as usual. 

  • sanjay hora

    This is getting real bad.

  • konterkariert

    2012 is near…

  • fjpoblam

    Mah! He’s toucheen me! Mah! He’s toucheen me! Make heem stop toucheen me! Waaaa!

    Aw, shuddup en go stand in the corner, brat, er ya won’t git no cookies!

  • Anonymous

    what a fricken drama queen.

  • Mike Bell

    Arrignton’s a dick. Always was, always will be. Justy ignore that fat a**hole.

  • Sedat05

    Look at Ericks picture and you can already tell that he is one false sneaky son of a b****

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